Speak My Mind

Everyone wants to know

what goes on inside your head

what makes you tick

what makes you who you are

whether a liar or a goody-two-shoes

some are suicidal, depressed and hungry for dying

but I, the one who would die for our religious freedoms

but I am outspoken

by those who are loud in nature

while the quiet ones sit around and suffer

well its time for me to speak up

for what is right

and speak my mind

but my views are outlandish

teenage fantasies, I am told

but for world peace

everyone seems to act as if it doesn't matter at all

like its impossible

but it might save our country from losing all its freedoms

its time for me to speak my mind

I am naturally quiet

but this is an outlet for my mind to scream free

of all social barriers not to think of others first

its time for me to let go

of everything that is holding me back and finally

Speak my mind


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