The Spark of Love

Being drowned in the state of utter despair
Blubbering and shedding a dozen of tear
Unable to speak, I was joyless and sad
Then he arrived, making me blissful & glad
Grasping my hand, with sparkle in eyes
Has made me travelled from Earth to skies
Wiping my tears that streamed down my cheek
With the sight of delight & love on the peak
Caressing my hair that were all scattered
And holding my heart which was shattered
A smile creasing on the edge of his lips
Looks like he knows my happiness tips
And then with a gush of joy and desire
The spark of love turned into fire
Leaving my woes, sorrows and grieves
I entered his heart, he strongly believes
And my heart that's thumping in his chest
On the top he is, without any test
It was him, it's him & he'll be mine
In dreams & reality, everyday, everytime

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