The Spark of that Light

It starts in a house that's been hallowed alone
The tension remains but the spirits forlorn.
It seems empty enough but just step inside
there's somebody, something that continues to hide.
Left unexplained we don't yet know why
What does it want?
Who does it miss?
Is it something been left in the cold and dark mist?
It's stuck in the basement
Refrain to ask why
It hides behind chairs and clutter and things to disguise
It's shrouded in darkness and does not like light
I think it's just scared
For it's questioning you see
Why am I here?
Why don't I leave?
It seems impossibly simple to me.
Yet it waits and it hides transfixed by its fright
Waiting for someone or something to show him the light

Then one day there's change
Somebody's here
Who could it be?
It's a person and that seems familiar to me
I'm still scared though what could they want?
To help?
or To hurt?
Are they here to condemn me forever to Earth?
But they have a certain glow, that's healthy
And nice
I'm still hiding though
I'm still scared by the sight
They've seen me
Oh No!
What should I do?
Should I hide?
Should I just stay?
Maybe they'll help me, this could be the day...
They come closer
They're kind
They say something
But what?
They're speaking a foreign language in an unfamiliar tongue
But then something happens and I'm being set free!
The chains and the shackles no longer uphold me

I shoot through the roof
and up into the sky
I shout down my thanks but am transfixed by the light
There's Light
So much Light all around
I've forgotten the darkness
What it means
How it sounds
Now I'm crossing the Ocean
So high in the sky
It's waters blur blue with the clouds by my side
and I'm going so fast that I almost don't hear
There's music that's playing
It's now easier to hear.
It's loud and exciting
I've never heard something so grand!
It's like trumpets but better
unbelievably BRIGHT
They're guiding me Home
They're guiding my flight
Then I burst through the clouds
to feel something never I've felt before,
This un-ending feeling
This thing called
I know now I'm Home
This is where i was always meant to be
And I see Him he's standing
With arms open wide
The past is the past
and it matters no more
Who I was
What I did
Has been left by the shore


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