A Spark


The Night is quiet and devoid of lights,

the world is holding its breath.

Until a single spark ignites,

setting an inferno ablaze.


Flames dance across the skyline,

reaching towards the heavens like a prayer.

Piercing through the night is screams of all kind,

human and animal cry together.


Chaos pervades the streets,

loved ones are lost to each other.

Many a home the fire meets,

each one falling to the song it sings.


There are two types of pain,

grief and injury.

Tonight no one can escape the fire's claim,

it reaches with seductive fingers at our throats.


The moon watches,


He is uninterested as if perusing the paint swatches,

choosing a color for the walls.


Mother Nature deems it only fair,

we must pay for our transgressions.


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