Space Talk

She stands in the hall

Eyes low and self-conscious


As if afraid to stare at the sun.


The other sits on the grass

Eyes bright and aware


As if they want to light up the moon.


She gives the other a note

The ink bleeds blue


As though handing a knife to a stranger.


The other reads slowly

The paper is yellow


As if the light from the stars have blessed the words.


She feels the breeze

There is fire too


As if the sun has gotten too close.


The other feels the breeze

There is static too


As if eclipsed by the moon.


She is slow to speak

Words saying nothing


As if breaking free from a black hole.


The other is quick to respond

Actions saying everything


As if gravity has become too great a force.


She looses time

With stars overhead and a in hand with the other


As if she were one with the ever-expanding galaxies.


The other gains eternity

Delicately clasping the stars in their hand


As if they were content to stay forever.


She stands at the pews

Ring tucked away


Like a poorly kept secret


The other stands in the light

Words freely spoken


Like a promise of trust.


She learns about the stars

When “yes” is the answer


Like the touch of friends.


The other learns about the sun

When they feel worthy of saying “yes”


Like the secrets told in the halls.


She and the other learn about space

As the years pass and fade


Like the world has told them secrets.


The other is beckoned to a far off world

Beyond the stars and moon


Like the universe has more to show them


Because they have trusted in the universe

And the stars shall never leave them.



She is no longer young

The age leaving tracks near her eyes


Like the sun upon their grave.


Because she has always opened up to the universe

And the sun has never been unfaithful.


She and the other meet again

Youthful and joyous and blinding


Like true friends and partners


Like sun and moon and stars. 



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