Southern Pride


When I was younger, I didn't like to tell people

that I was from the South.

I was ashamed of the statistics,

couldn't stand the tones of condescension

ruining every "You're so smart" with a

"...even though you're from down there"

that got spit out like it was something foul.

So I hid my charmin' little accent and prentended

that I was a fan of "anything but country music".

I distanced myself from all the negatives,

not realizing that I was feeding into the prejudice

by shaming myself for something I couldn't control.

Now that I'm older I've stopped trying to fit myself

into a box that wasn't made for me.

I "Hey, y'all" with the rest of 'em,

and sing along with Trace Adkins loudly.

And when people ask me where I'm from

I boldly say "I'm from Mississippi"

because that's part of who I am

and I am not ashamed of myself.



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