From Southern Blues to Rocky Mountain Highs

Wed, 09/17/2014 - 17:01 -- colebc


Texas summers are a witch's boiling pot
Heat chews up, spits out, and leaves to rot
Fun they are not

Texas land is ugly and poor
cursed soils grow plants to make you sore
The place is a bore

Texas goodbyes are grim
Friends are brothers, tears fill to the brim
Of seeing them again my chances are slim

But summer is dead
Autumn is the new king
And I'm moving

Portland weather is like a gentle caress
Its cool, soothing touch eases my duress
And the seasons do impress

Portland land is beautiful a rich
The tree sing with perfect pitch
walks in nature don't leave you with any stitch

Portland is weird
Many have a beard
All around my strangeness will be mirrored

From a place of blue
Far away I flew
To enjoy northern dew


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