Sour of the Sixteenth Year

These last few days have been beautifully uneventful

My GPA is climbing steadily

No one’s nappy headed son tried to play me

And the freshman 15 is coming in nicely

These peculiar good days have lead me to believe

That God has placed a shroud of protection over my tired body

Because I,

Have taken the maximum amount of Ls allowed in 2016

In these tortuous twelve months I’ve trapped in a mediocre purgatory

Not one ounce of mercy has been wasted upon me

If 2016 was a shoe it’d be crocs

It is getting matched with your ex on Tinder

2016 is a forgotten password

or username

I have been Meek Milled into a millenia

And Ethered into an eternity

2016 has choked everything I’ve loved with its bare hands

And maybe if I had learned to love myself it would've went down a little easier

This year is nothing short of an unnatural disaster

When the college you’ve been pining for for four years

Wraps its rejection in pristine white paper, you wish the edges were just a bit sharper

When you find the lips that have indented I love you against your forehead for three years

Were also pressed against another's you wish his final goodbye was fatal

The only Upside,

To this beastly

To this bleakness

To this blackness

Is that I can only go up from here!

I am dwelling in darkness

But maybe it's what I needed to see the stars.

Maybe my head was in the cloud so long,

I needed the rain to clear out my expectations

Maybe the clouds were smog all along

And he hadn’t loved me for a while

And I was never NYU material

And some people just weren't meant to fly.

But if all I have are these two weary legs,

And these ever reaching hands

And this ever pining heart

Then maybe I can summon the strength from standing atop the soil.

And though the world is a mess;

Though The election ballot was a menu serving my least favorite foods

I simply couldn’t stomach a woman

Who claims hotsauce in her bag

And the man who wears it as concealer.

Though, We have lost some of the greatest this year,

Prince, Bowie, Rickman, Harambe

At least I found a way to fill bullet wound from the cincinnati zoo in my chest


The jpeg salvations

And since laughter is the best medicine, I know a cure is just one arthur fist away.

I know,

2017 will be a little kinder.

That all that has been lost will be returned

And I will be open to any form.

That the sour of the 16th year will be squeezed into sweetness

Rock bottom, has never felt so good.


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Filmed at the 2016 BABEL Grand Slam / CUPSI Qualifier in Philadelphia PA

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