Sound Waves

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 19:38 -- emumuu
I'd like to be a master of a different type of wave,
waves in a cerulean sea spiky with sound,
more volatile and capricious than real waves of wetness
yet tamed by a underlying beat.
They would rise up sharply with every shriek and high vibrato,
and subside at every silky smooth bass belt. 
My seas would sometimes be calm,
but sometimes anxious roiling pits of despair
or boiling mud pots of anger. 
They'd be cool and refreshing, like the fresh spray from a waterfall 
of relevance and reflection. 
I'd cruise one wave of unique melody, and give it life and inhabitants
in the form harmony and accompaniment
in hopes that I may one day unite the seven continents 
with shimmering oceans of song. 



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