Sound Of Madness

Go and cry your alligators tears, to someone who wants to hear them

When being a victim is your vice, you constantly live in fear and  Misery drawing others into your profane company Outkast for differences, well you made the mistake of lumping me   In with a group of people who actually gave two shits Without attention you sit there looking like a person who craves two hits Of the joint or the steady flow of the needle to satisfy addiction In reality you don’t understand the meaning of the word affiliction  With divine diction, I forced into being the Sound of Madness  Striking cords of intrinsic and irreparable sadness I wrote the book on pain, chronicled dark demises My very existence is the meaning of the phrase “ The Dark Knight Rises”  The world is not after you, and you are not the subject of persecution Yet to hear the words that escape your throat you are the subject of abuse and Eighteen kinds of torture and psychological illnesses But you don’t understand mortal danger and real lessons  This world will give you a hard realization if you think that you can skate by The afterlife will be your only solace, if you don’t awake thy Spirit from this tombstone mentality tramping your mind Then again this piece is giving you ammo for your lines  Designed to destroy lives for your entertainment When the real victims are yours and you blame them For your troubles and your spiralling grandness Playing a pathetic version of “The Sound of Madness" 

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My community


Lavante Lemar

I couldnt get the formating to work orginally it was in line stanzas

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