The Sound of Love

The crashing waves whooshing over the crackling beach is the best sound that I hear when I'm near a beach. I could waste away my days relaxing on the beach and listening to those sounds. Then again wouldn't everybody else want that too? I know if I had the choice to live anywhere my first choice would always be near an ocean. I knew from the moment I felt like I was the king of the world sitting on my surfboard surrounded by water, I needed to live by an ocean when I got older. Where would you want to live if you got to choose any place in the world? Whenever someone asks me if I play any sports I say sort of because I am involved with a sport. That sport is surfing, but since I live in Colorado I don't get to always practice my sport. If I could I would be like a bird. If I was a bird, I would fly to an ocean when the temperatures are warm. Then I would fly to Colorado with the chilly weather out because I still enjoy the frostbite I am prone to in Colorado. Do you like the snow in Colorado? If I had the money like a billionaire, I would get on a plane on Fridays and spend the weekends surfing. Unfortunately, I don’t have that money so I am trapped in “Colorful Colorado” till there is a wide opening in the cage we call school. The history of the beach and surfing goes like this; there was a group of people called the Polynesians who started surfing on boards made from trees. The history even goes further back to when people started body-surfing, but that is another story. If only I could have been like the Polynesians and been the first people to start surfing. Don't you wish you started something that would become known all around the world?  


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