The sound of horses footsteps

The sound of horses footsteps with raging men wiping them before they strike their


Enemy .using fear and agony to get the animal to move faster. The sound of bullets crackling with a huge roar making the animals timid seeing the last days of their lives.

 When the war has ended with tragedy , victory and pride cheer from men while animals lie dead and aren't recognized for their uphill battle and hard labor although it's sufficiently important for men who fought in our country. Also animal homes were being distorted endlessly while tearing their families apart. Stray dogs get thrown into a cage waiting to be loved or killed they cannot speak or advocate for themselves. Let's not forget the honorable german shepherd who performed cpr and his owner


Animals do not care about the color of your skin

The amount of money you have

nothing .

Is it worth that much to come to the party with your


Cheetah fur being to make a statement


We are equal let's recognize it


This poem is about: 
Our world


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