The Sound of Broken Chains

The absence of hope behind a girl’s eyes

That use to shine so bright.

He took that from her.

She pretended to have so much life

But no one knows

behind that mask she sobs

because of the pain she hides.

She didn’t get the chance to have wonder.


A girl numb and alone,

He comes and presides over her

Laying in a bed of deceit

As she takes it with grace

Never mumbling a word.

He tears catch up as she thinks

“Your nothing but a whore”

He took the voice she had

With empty threats and unfulfilling promises.

I’m doing this for the greater good right?


A heart

That can never understand the meaning of perfection.

She’s broken.

One her knees she prays

But unanswered prayers turn into rage.

He took her peace.


She confesses

But no one listens.

They watch the words flow from her mouth

With closed ears, they simply tell her

“get over it”

The words fit like a band aid.

But even old wounds can become infected.

Being a solider for everyone around her

Makes her weak.

Who is there to wipe her tears?

Who is there to make sure she’s ok?

No one because she keeps them away.

She’s ashamed of the pain because she blames herself.

He stole her love.


Hate manifests itself

And made a home.

Look at what she did,

Nothing remains of her.


But there’s still strength in her tears. 

She’s not ready to give up.
She’s tired, yes,

But there still a spec of light left.

She’s a fighter

Who has shed many tears.

The sadness she must feel.

One foot in front of the other,

She tries to keep her head up.


She runs to him and asks why?

“Why so much pain, don’t you know I can’t bare it.?”

She was lost

With her innocents gone

And HE said.

“He didn’t steal anything from you, you didn’t allow him to.”

In here now

I am your strength

Lean on me.

You have come this far,

Maybe your willing to go a little farther.

You’ve come out of your cocoon

Your sprouting wings.

The best people are the ones who grow

Despite adversity.


You were never broken

Just bruised.

You were never damaged goods for someone to use.

You are just a child who lost he way

After all that,

You stand on your own two feet

Your healing

Your beauty runs deeper than any ocean ever could.

You are strength.


Show your scares

Because you are never going to look like

What you’ve been through.

He thought he had you beat,

But in the end,

Look around you.

You are the one set free.

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