Mon, 07/25/2022 - 02:34 -- Cookay


finding the right piece

To fit your missing puzzle piece

Out of all these oddly shaped pieces

Never really fitting that missing piece


Soulmates aren't found

You shape them to fit that missing piece

Out of all those other pieces

Take your pick of them


Take out that carving knife

Make your edits

Select the traits you want

And carve the others out


Your soulmate needs to be shaped

Shaped to your exact piece your missing

We change each other for better or worse

So in the end we aren't the same as we were before


Both men and women do the carving

Everyone aren't found perfect

We all have these imperfections

That the other doesn't really like


With time and training

We become that person they want

Forever changed to this new person

That persons soulmate shaped to fit them


We stay that shape even when they leave

Never really fitting anyone else's void

Needing much reshaping and retraining

Just to become their desired shape


With all these changes we end up

Having all these unchangeable imperfections

Left over from all the ones before

Sharp edges that define us



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