Soul vs Body

People believe that the soul and the body are two very different things. That they are two seperate parts of a human it self. But yet they are wrong. We are blinded by what others tell us about them that we can't understand their real meanings.
 Speculations show that they are one, not only because they are part of the same person that connects them but by their abilities and way of skewing throughtout life.
 One of their simplest, and yet unseen,  equalities is their way of aging. Lets not call it to grow old but to change with time. The body shows how much its soul has suffered with scars. This scars can be any significant mark acquired over time or after an event. Even wrinkles count. They make the body look saggy in many ways but the soul attached to it is quite strong and full of pride that it has gained from the many battles it has survived while being alive.
 Another similarity is the way the soul and body express. The soul takes most of the control right in this activity. The soul reflects its thoughts, emotions, and memories by: facial expressions and physical gestures (emotions); writing, forms of art and talking(all of the above).
 Knowing this you might think the soul is the one in control, but not really. This is because the soul has a reboot system. Once we reach rigor mortis the restart-and-erase in button in the soul’s memory are pressed. This button can only and uniquely be pressed in one way. Dying. The death of the body makes the soul reboot and go away. Awaiting for a new one to start it and share all the unknown things that will come in that person's future. 

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