Soul Ticking

What makes me tick, they all want to know

Is it because the world is passing me by to the point I want to go

Is it because I'm watching my back in fear of friend and foe

Maybe it's because the Military not paying for college, if my grades too low


What makes me tick, they still waiting for an answer

Is it because I go to the strip club, so I can flirt with a dancer

Is it because the thought of failure is eating away at me like cancer

Maybe it's because I was taught that greatness is the only standard


What makes me tick, now everybody listening

Is it because of my decease parents that I'm always missing

Is it because the harder I work, the more they pay attention

Maybe it's because I want to out shine the ones doing all the ass-kissing


What makes me tick, I know they still waiting

It is because on this long journey I don't know my destination

It is because I want the approval of all my family relation 

I tick because my ancestors couldn't on the plantation




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