Soul Mate

Once there was a girl

And a man who was her world

They were soul mates

And no matter where they went

And no matter what they did

As long as they were both on Earth

Everything was in

Beautiful color


One day the man realized

He could not wait any longer

He had to marry this girl

Who was his life and love and world

He got in his car with the perfect ring

To give his soul mate while on one knee

But when he was almost to his girl

At twelve, a little boy ran into to the road


The same day, the girl

(who was the man’s world)

Was waiting for him, content

When something went very wrong

At twelve, suddenly all the beautiful colors

Were now black and white

And her phone began to ring

“Miss, there’s been an accident.”


Several years later, that little boy

(who lived that day while the man died)

Knew perfectly how lucky he was

To be alive and on this Earth

All because that fateful day at twelve

As a child he ran into the road

The man in his car swerved away

To save his life


One day, that boy, who is now a man

Ran into a girl his age on the sidewalk

And she had the saddest eyes

And you could see they matched his

Because all through their lives

They saw the world in black and white

But on this day their sad eyes met

And began to see in beautiful color


On the day of their wedding

A special person got an invitation

It was the girl who lost her soul mate

Because he saved the little boy’s life

The little boy who was now a man

Marrying his lovely girl, his soul mate

Though the lonely girl only saw grays

She decided to celebrate their color


As the girl who lost her soul mate

Watched the man marry his love

She looked down at her hand, the perfect ring

(That her love prepared to give her

The day her color turned gray)

And the felt him there

As she heard the color-filled “I Do”s

And smiled


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