Soul Album

Interminable seas flow further than one could see

An interruption and the boat begins to sink, there goes the glee

My muscles ache from the long swim to sand

I cling to the photo album with my cold, bare hand

Trees are everywhere, there is not one being in sight

Not a home or building, not even a light

Luckily I have my photo album with cherished memories

The years of each picture carry various treasuries

My family in action gleams at me from the worn page

Cousins and friends all on one stage

These snapshots stir up buried emotions from the bottom of the earth

Most of those humans in there I have known since birth

I flash back out of the trance

The surrounding ocean waves trap me in and leave me with no chance

This photo album keeps me somewhat sane

Vacations of previous summers cause my eyes to rain

Birthdays and holidays, particularly Christmas, put me through a time machine

Family members and their lives convene

This book is like a sheet of glass

It cannot be ruined by another mass

This book is like a monumental statue

My recollections are the only things that I cannot bid adieu

This photo album is all I have left of my loved ones

I am alone on this island but can imagine their presence that stuns.

This poem is about: 
My family
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