Sought Out


United States
34° 29' 7.5588" N, 117° 25' 13.4292" W

Lord who am I to be sought out by the highest?
I am unable to comprehend Your everlasting love.
What do You have to gain?
You who commands angel armies,
You who is above all else,
You who molded my being in the secret place,
What can the creation reward the creator?
Lord Your love overwhelms me, and sorrowful tears turn bittersweet.
Lord Your love fills me and I am made complete.
I was content in being hallow,
Or rather I contented myself by trying to fill the void with things of the world, when even if I had acquired the whole world it would still remain unfilled.
And in my aimless pursuit You spoke through my utter foolishness,
“My child, why do you struggle so when what you so desperately seek cost nothing? And when by it you have everything to gain?”
Lord why did it take so long for the scales to fall from my eyes?
How had I survived so long by merely groping darkness?
I have been blind so long!
All that sparkles in man’s eyes are dull and worthless compared to Your light!
How had I not seen this?
Lord what weighed me down like chains, You saw as marionette strings with the world as the puppeteer,
A mere breath from You and like stray web it detaches and floats freely away from the victim.
Lord, what had I almost given my soul for?
Clever objects?
Lord how long did I try to bear my suffering on my own and almost collapse?
When You gladly would have liberated me completely?
Oh Lord, my own pride was a thorn unto me.
How long did I refuse Your help?
How long did I spurn You?
God forgive my wickedness,
My soul reaches for You,
Lead me oh Lord.
Don’t let the world clutch me in its grasp.
For You have claimed me as Your own.
I am Yours.


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