Dearest Mom and Dad,

I am so sorry

Sorry about my naivety as a young child

Constantly, aimlessly wandering about with your knowledge

The multiple times I scared you

The many encounters with towering strangers

I am so sorry

Sorry I did not smile as much as I did when I was small

My ever-present grimace of constant spitefulness troubled you

"I'm fine"

I was not fine

I am so sorry

Sorry about the time I wrote that horrible comment under a different name

The many people I hurt over one mistake

Losing myself because of one problematic incident

And the growing disappointment that you seemed to cast onto me

The tears I spill are endless to this day

I am so sorry

Sorry I lied about the boy that crept into our home while you were away

The one I thought loved me

The one I let take advantage of me

The burden of having to live with years of distrust from you

It was all my fault

I am so sorry

Sorry about who I am capable of loving

Men and women

I can assure you

It is not a phase

I do not want you to hate me

This is not how you raised me 

I am so sorry

Sorry my academics are slowly diminishing

My once perfect average has now sunken

"College is for me," I continue to tell myself

I want to make you proud

But I am wasting away

I am so sorry

Sorry I cannot be the perfect daughter that you asked for

The one who lit up your eyes when she was born 

The one who put schooling first

The one who always found hope within herself

She is drifting away now

I am so sorry

With all my love,


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My family
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