The Sorrows of Bullying

Sun, 05/24/2015 - 19:37 -- nay_8


Lies and rumors I must consume

So many things I could do in my room

What do you do when I think of these thoughts

This is my battle alone I have fought.


But you have no emotion, no terror

Only my wounded heart and a broken barrier

You have no regret

You have reached my breaking point, slowly met


There is a story behind my eyes

There is a story because of my cries

But you keep doing what you are doing anyways

But tomorrow-

Tomorrow is my last day


Then maybe everybody will see the story behind my eyes

Then maybe everybody will see the story because of my cries

Then maybe everybody will see the truth behind the lies and rumors that I had consume

Then maybe everybody will understand why I did what I did in my room


This is the life of a normal human

Italian, Guyanese, or even Cuban

Think twice about what you say

This is the difference between rest in peace and seeing another day


This poem is about: 
Our world



Wow this is so powerful

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