The Sorrow of Man

Look! Look upon me!

Dare you not glance away?

For what was beautiful, now is ugly.

So is the world, as is today.

Look! I am fierce and horrible.

Yet I am majestic, in my own way.

Once amiable, now intolerable.

Dare you not glance away?

Look! I am a result of the hopelessness come to stay.

Do you not remember me?

An old friend, now enemy.

A remnant of the past you once knew?

Neglect! This is your penalty!

We used to be acquaintances, can’t you guess who?

I am in your dreams, you know.

You and I were chums, long, long ago.

Do you really not know?

I am not here, but you feel my might.

My ghastly presence is near.

I trouble you from morning to night.

You look at me when you wake and when you rest.

Look! I am a product of your father and your father’s father.

I am your lack of hair, for which you were once blessed.

For I shine in the sun, with a comb you do not bother.

I am your baldness!



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