Sonnet of a Tinder Account

You enjoy bubble baths and reading long books,
you do sports, good music, world travel, and zen.
You’re looking for someone who can laugh (and it helps if they cook),
someone not too cool and who can hang out with your friends. 

As they can tell from the pictures, you enjoy a drink now and then,
maybe more than a few - but you say it’s all in good fun!
You just love to dance, and when that music begins?
If they “Shake It Off”, you just might come undone ;) 

So swipe right for them all - don’t think and just do
- gotta get lotsa matches to find your next ‘who’!
Swipe right! I’ll help out! Just look at these few!
Aren’t they so sweet in-text? Don’t they swear it’s all true? 

I am the app, meant to connect you and who,
And when police found your body, I was the first clue. 



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