Thu, 11/20/2014 - 03:11 -- hmln


There was a girl who dreamed to fly, 
She wanted to be great and leave her cage, 
They all said she couldn't and had to stay where it was safe, 
So one night she leaves,

It's not as bright as it seemed, 
Yelling, curses, and names, 
But she smiles because she is free,

Endless nights, 
Til  the break of dawn, 
She works till she aches to her bones, 
The call of return beckons like a siren, 
The light that shines in her eyes dims,

Until someone finds her, 
And surely the light will return, 
But the next morning, 
In an empty bed she wakes up in, 
And that light becomes but a small glimmer, 
Eight months pass, 
And that lonely home is soon filled with wails to the early morn', 

The years come and go, 
And the child grows, 
She loves her mom, 
But like mother like daughter, 
She hates that she won't let her go,
She cries, "I want to see the world!" 
Fear strikes the mother who once dreamed that dream,
Yelling, curses, and names,
Until one day she see her small back board that plane,

A phone call each night, 
But as time passes, 
Those nights become weeks,

Out of the blue the girl returns, 
Mother and daughter, 
Daughter and mother, 
Finally seeing eye to eye, 
A year goes by and when mom can't get up she calls to the girl, 
Clasping hands,
The greatest gift anyone ever gave her, 
A tear catches the light as her eyes close, 
She can now fly. 



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