Sometimes You Meet Stars

A great man once said that we are all born from star dust.
I think that's true. 
It would explain why every inch of you glows like the sun. 
Another great man theorized the universe started with a bang. 
I think, actually I know, this too must be true.
Because you started one in my head from the moment we met. 
And since then it's been you and only ever you. 
Like an astronomer I've found a star among millions
That somehow makes all the other stars immeasurably duller.
And every inch, every crack, every imperfection, every scar
Is utterly and undeniably beautiful. 
Like the smile that seems to come from your very soul. 
Or the lilt in your voice that sings in my ears and into my veins.
Or the way you curl your hair around your finger when your nervous. 
Or the way you laugh at all your own jokes. 
Or the way you will always take time even if there is none.
Or even how in 5th grade you bullied a girl once
and since then you've never forgiven yourself for it. 
Or the way you always know just the right thing to say. you think you're just another person.
You walked straight from a dream and into my life.
Because sometimes life is fair and kind. 
Sometimes you meet people that feel larger than whole galaxies.
Sometimes you meet the type of person that will change whole worlds. 
Sometimes you meet stars.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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