Sometimes you can't wake up

This is a nightmare.

This cannot be real.

The last time I had seen my sister and she had been fine.

Well, seemingly.

Tears started trickling down my cheek. I tried to hold it in.

I greeted my family. Shivering. Overwhelmed. Distraught.

How was this happening to us?

She began, “Hey Danie-”.

I watched as she fell unconscious, mid-sentence,

into a sequence of convulsions, As she attempted to greet me hello.

My mom was holding her head up, in place of her neck, so she wouldn’t fall.

I soon realized that no one can be sure of what another person is going through.

I became increasingly sensitive, aware and understanding .

Yes, I will try new things.

Yes, I appreciate what I used to take for granted; health, love, family.

Yes, I will go out of my way.

Yes, I will see the good.

Yes, I grew “tougher skin”.

The little things no longer matter.

Yes, I have become open-minded.

Yes, I have grown closer my family.

Yes, I started to say yes.

Yes, I vow to stay true to myself.

And just like that, what once was my nightmare,

Has reshaped my reality and my character.

This poem is about: 
My family


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