Sometimes is not Always


Sometimes it disappears without a trace

as it falls from beautiful grace

Pushed away due to unbearable disgrace

Its pain and sorrow is more intricate than any lace


Sometimes it reeks of lies

even under its cold, hardened disguise

Covered by all of the leaching flies

that pay no heed to the sorrowful cries


Sometimes it invites happiness to come

with a hammering heart heard like a drum

Continued though it loses its quick tempo some

until it dies down to a monotonous hum


Sometimes it has an alluring tune

that changes its melody a tad too soon

Enveloped into a foreign, constrained cocoon

that silences the once endearing, loving croon


But ‘sometimes’ is not always the case


Every time it elicits new feelings

A better understanding of one’s worth and meaning

Heightened by the faith and believing

that it will not end in something demeaning

But instead mark only the beginning

of a loving fire that is worth kindling

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