Sometimes I Look Upon You Tenderly

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 13:31 -- emaris


United States
37° 40' 13.62" N, 120° 55' 48.936" W

What I can’t do is sit here and tell you that nothing is between us,
Because though not one inch comes between our hearts,
I know of a micrometer that intervenes us from touching completely

A block of ravenous inspection; The very bird we keep
We keep with clipped wings, scared of what it might do

I know of a place where we meet, that hidden place we tend to go to,
We meet there when our eyes do not, when our thoughts are beyond this
It is our sacred meeting place, though we’ll never disclose that tale

Laughter undermines the commotion we feel when we pretend we don’t
Someday, something will shake it out of us

Meet me there now, close your eyes and paint with me a beautiful scene
And does it make me selfish that I saw the prettiest thing and grabbed hold of it
I thought this was masqueraded love, I thought we were decorating

We’ve fallen through the canvas, we’re falling through the rabbit hole
Underneath the surface, we both know we’re basking in it

It is not the sun I speak of, but the radiance of our mighty pen
Calloused hands promise the birth of melodious prose
Their unfrequented minds are soon to prodded because of our notions

While the nebulous night seems to swallow us whole, I discover the truth:
Without wind I would not have something pushing me so fervently towards you


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