Sometimes I Can Go Weeks Without Remembering

Sometimes I can go weeks without remembering


Why I write

Why I jumble some poetic words and propel them into flight

Off my fingertips and onto the screen

Where sometimes while reading them I growl or beam

And they become a stream of thoughts

Rocked together by rhythm and rhyme

Sometimes I can go weeks without remembering why I write

I am caged within life’s patterns

And don’t have the time

I forget, and become temporarily blind

To the fact that my only liberty is through each poem escaping my mind

How when I write I have a choice

I have the power to regret or rejoice

I have a message that someone can hear,

An uncensored meaning that they can judge or fear

When I scribble, even though I am too juvenile to speak

Compressed within society’s chest, silent and meek

I still have a voice

That when I write I am more than a mundane adolescent

Striving to discover my natural light instead of a fluorescent

For when I write

When I embrace a stage

I hold ability far beyond my age

My name is worth remembering

Even though its wearer is constantly blending and bending

Changing and rearranging

Merging with the views of those who witness me and how I perceive myself

Sometimes she revolutionizes with such stealth

That when she peers into the mirror she views a woman

That she’s not ready to be

That I am not ready to be

I just want to be Ariel

But I don’t know who Ariel is

How can I find myself if I haven’t even created it?

Sometimes I can go weeks without remembering to write

Because I’ve forgotten how

If I forget to write

I’ve forgotten to fight

To be heard vibrant and proud

I lose the feeling steaming through my veins right now

The feeling of not breathing air but words

That through my lips escapes a plethora of birds

Creating a home within the mind 

Of anyone who dares to find

A call that was designed for their ears

A line that can soothe their fears

And how each stanza I remember to inscribe

Is a member of the tribe

Of clarity and understanding

Reinvigorating and expanding

All the beauty standing on this earth

But right now I have not forgotten

And I refuse to let these words dwell in my skull until they become rotten

This is a moment I have driven myself to write

And pour down a cascade of insight.



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