Something is Wrong with the Education System.

Let's face it.

Grabbing the bull by the horns, saying it as it is,


There is something wrong with the education system in America.


Many a time I have seen on socail media sites, among the most popular of posts, things like:

"Who wants to wake up at 7 in the mroning and go to a place where all you feel is stress and judgement?"

"The level of stress, anxiety, and depression in an average American high school is the same as a mental institution of the 1950's."

"You can tell me there's nothing wrong in the education system when there are no more school-stress relate scuicides."


Just let that one hang in the air for a minute.



It's a sad day in education when people feel that the only way out of the stress of grades, extracurriculars, colleges, jobs, and a plan for life,

is a plan for death.


As a future educator, it will be my job to push kids. I'll push them hard.

But when they've been pushed down, I want to be the hand that helps them up.

That, ladies and gents, is what I want to change.


Small acts of kindness, holding student-led tutoring sessions for my class, even talking on a personal level to make sure, even if they're not my students,

To make sure they're gonna make it.

I'm not gonna sugar coat life; I don't even know how many times that's backfired.

I just want to show kids that the race of life is worth running to the finish, and that if they ever need a personal trainer,

I'd be there to offer what I can.


What do I want to change?

I want to change a kid's life, to preserve it.


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