Something Worth Dying For

Peter Pan

The boy who refused to grow up

To never become a man

And to never give up


So he choose to run

To place called Neverland

Filled with fun

And oh so grand


But as he play

He became so bored

He decide not to stay

So he soared


As he return

To what once was his home

He felt a sudden yearn

To begin to roam


To his surprise

What he found

A pair of pretty eyes

And a lovely sound


Never had he seen

Such pretty face

She looked like a queen

And spoke like grace


The moment they met

They fell so hard

Without a net

Without guard


So forget what you were told

The boy who refused to grow up

Indeed became old

But still never gave up


For what he found

Was something worth dying for.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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