Something from Nothing

Ah yes,

the classic fairytale. 

Where a young women embarks on a selfish journey for 

someone else to save her,

her prince to kiss her 

her hero to slay the dragon. 


Rather, than a tale about someone handing over their dirty-work,

let there be one where she is granted with nothing but the clothes on her back.

No cozy bed with a white, expressionless canopy above her.


Let us read how she crawled from nothing on her bare bones and skin

and how she proved the looks on the streets wrong.


Let us feel the change in her melancholic, distant eyes to ones that sparkle 

with exhaustion. 


Let this story have the spotlight glaring upon her for as long as her tale lasts,

as she did this alone. 

No fairy dust,

No magical spells favor her, 

just the sprinle of dirt falling from her neglected fingernails.



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