Something I am not

I want put power in my words, 

To write analogy followed by wonderful analogy

To have so much emotion in them

That I can not help but scream

Not to be lost in technicalities,

Does this rhyme,

Will they enjoy this,

Does this show me off,

As something I am not,

Do I seem powerful,

Does it look like I have beaten my demons,

That I am winning this fight,

Can I show myself off,

As something I am not,

What do I tell the world,

But how can I tell them anything,

When no one is there to listen,

And I am shouting at the top of my lungs,

Words meant to impress,

But impress who,

Because I am shouting in an empty room,

Trying to show myself off,

As something I am not,




Very well written. You showed the stress of writing poetry very well.  I like the language you used, perhaps add a period at the end, as though the giant strand of thought is ending. As if its one gasp of air so to speak. I

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