Something Else


 Never been shown, what to do or to say,
shown what is known, when I write and I play.
My choices are my own, and my own they will stay,
restricted to me, when I wake or I lay.
My boundaries are shaken, there about to brake,
these lyrics will stay strong, I have faith in what's at stake.
Watching a world, spinning is all I see,
friends smoking weed, and drinking, beside me,
I got reasons to leave, but leaving is lonely,
those I call friends, all the rest they don't know me,
keeping with and connected to those that are my homies,
there is no peace,
but at home please,
are memories,
kept low until released.
Now back at the party, where my friends are gettin turnt,
party till the cops come, reputations being burnt,
when hangovers hit, those are the lessons being learnt,
and imaginary girls that you wish wernt.


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