Something That Doesn't Exist

I'm in love

Yet my love is unrequited

I can't dream about my love

It only haunts my thoughts

And my imagination




If only I could see it

I'm in love

Desperately, hopelessly in love


It's not a man who stole my heart

Not a child or even living


A simple thought

A fleeting whisper

Lost in the wind

Of my searching heart


Will I ever gaze upon

That which I love?

Will I ever gaze upon

The secret I desire?


I'm in love

With a beauty all around me

Yet unseen

Out of reach

Just in front of my eyes


I'm so blind

So ignorant

My imagination fails me

And my eyes refuse to believe


I only know that it is there

I don't know it's name

I don't know what it looks like

I don't know it's emotion

I don't know

I don't know

I don't know


Why can't I know?

It's my eternal question

Why can't my eyes be opened?

Why can't I imagine?


Maybe I'll know

One day

In the next world

In the skies above

Maybe I'll know


Maybe I'll see the world

That I can't even dream

Maybe I'll wake up

And enter my neverdreamscape


I'm in love

Forever in love

It's right in front of me

All around me

Out of reach

I'm in love

Forever unrequited


I am in love

With something

That doesn't


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