Something Deeper

(Devin strolled in the house open the door to let in his buddies and the cold
“Hey nigga’ , this sandwhich grows mold.”
Devin replied quite bold,
“Nigga’ please, I bought it yesterday.”
Later his friends slip away and his old
Grandfather came to give him wisdom. “My son, these words I tell you it will be like bars of gold.
Sit down and listen and let the story unfold.
Three of my friends went into a restaurant, like any other folk
When all of sudd’n I ears a booming voice from the booths.
‘Can you niggas read?’
My friend stood up, ‘dear me ..I’m soo sorry..’
I grabbed his hand and pulled him down and kept quiet.
I tried fight it, but the words slipped out, ‘Sir, we just come to eat.’
The gentleman stood up, angry written all over his face, nose wretch like som’one stuck a smelly feet in his face.
‘That sign out there, says whites only. Maybe you’z niggaz read a little slowly.’
He spit in his tobacco cup.
‘Now it time for you to get out, or I’ll make your eyes sprout of your skull.’
The tension cup became full
Blank stared filled the room, one look at us with a dull
‘Niggers, Nigga, Niggaz, Niggas! You brought this on yourself.’
He grabbed Rob then threw him on the floor
I felt helpless, I balled my fist in order to strike. This white fella deserve it. Stop father of lies, Lucifer.
For I must remember the great words of the famous Martin Luther King Junior. For he himself as has been here and even my Savior.
Other men gather to kick and beat Rob with their feet. While Larry was dragged out by ear.
Spit came in my face, hands grabbed for my beard.
Yet I yelled out have no fear! Although they found it quite queer
We didn’t lay one hand in revenge.
They left are body bloody, deform and torn. All wells in a job well done.
See Devin the whole sacrifice for the Rights was not to start riots, our aim, goal and outlook was much bigger
To make history, set examples, and set standards
It was for our future race not only to be title as a nigger, but to teach our own that respect must be demanded.”

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