Something Better

I dont need you
Ive found something better.

The sun can warm me when Im cold.
and when life is too hard to handle,
the moon and I can sneak out together;
the stars will comfort me.
The ocean can share my happieness,
and the rain drown out my tears.
I can eat lunch with the grass, and play with the flowers.
The bees and butterflies will walk me home
even when neither of us feel like talking.
I can get lost in the endless blue sky, insead of your eyes
And the wind can whisper things in my ear.
The trees will wave "hello" and "goodbye"
on my way to stay with the sand.
I can fall asleep with my dogs, and
The birds will sing me my favorite song
The lake and I can lounge, watching the clouds
morph into shapes to amuse us both.
Both the ivy and I can sit quietly together,
listening to the forest talk.
the puddles and I can jump and frolic,
and the river can scream with me.
Because after all,
I dont need you.
I found something better


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