Something about me and free


Lay awake,

Eyes open and then shut.

I hear sound again and memory returns.

My thoughts are excited, crowded.

Another day has begun, even without me.

What is new to learn,

New to think.

Was there anything from the night last?

A thing to continue, or simply review?

An itch to do, and one to learn.

One topic to choose,

Tangents arise.

This freedom has me whelmed.

Excitement often does little to describe.

This is what knowledge does to me.

Once taken down,

now I have my seat.

It has been choosen, so now I work.

Progress can be slow, maddening to a degree.

Equally do I love the expression.

Again life is free,

and now I sleep


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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