To someone Struggling

Dear community,


I too sat on the side of the obelisk

not a person in sight

in a world of ennui

nothing but malign nothingness...

I found myself stuck

like so many others here

Betwixt between the shadows and darkness

I looked to the light

so faint I think my mind was being tricked

it catches my eye ever so often

Was I imagining this?

was there a way out of this place?

This place that only created the pain and isolation for so many


Because so many made it out

but then agan, so many didn't

Does anyone have a choice?

What would happen if i did?

Would I freshen the world around me and make it in such a cruel world?

I would.

I had to

I would thrive in hope and prosper in impunity

I would take control

and once my time is done

I will stand proud at the edge of elysium

Awaiting my fate

As that faint light slowly grew into a sun

I knew we would be okay

because this place is only a place

a simple setting in a chapter of our lives

that would teach us about love and loss

we can do this.



RIP Thomas



a survivor of this place




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My community
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