Someone Different Can Have True Friends Too

I look all around and see these beasts

Wandering around in circles with me in the middle of it all

What did I do to deserve this? 

Cant I have any peace? Privacy?

I only hanged out with 3 human men nothing more

Eating, drinking, and talking 

So why are they slumped in the Attacker's pose?

Gawking? Growling? Am I not one of them?

The eyes of these beasts are red as rubies 

Spreaded in fresh warm human blood

Dangerous and fierce they are 

But I wont back down 

knowing that i back down would be

In fear and cowardness that

I had drown in Im in a hunters pose

ready to attack as I look at the horizon line

I see my human friends coming to my defense 

All four of us looked at each other and then fought valiantly

Thank God for True Friends!!!!!!!!! :)



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