for someone

Staring out my window for the fourth night in a row

I know I can’t do this anymore but I don’t know where else to go

My mind is racing and every thought is about you

I wish I could tell you everything; you’d kill me if you knew

How can it be that you don’t see

The way my eyes take in everything that you are

How can it be that you don’t see

That I’m the fool that’s fallen from afar

Baby you should know

I’ve loved you from the start

You captured my eye

Then captured my heart

Yeah, my love burns slow

But I fucked up and let it grow

Into something I can’t control

You might never know

How much you stir my soul

I can feel your pull

And it takes its toll

My heart’s half, not a whole

It’s 4 am and I can’t get you out of my head

I can’t help wishing you were with me laying in this bed

I’d trace the lines of your sweet figure until we’d fall asleep

And I’d rest easy knowing you’d be mine to keep

The ghost of your touch from where our hands and our hearts have met before

Is not enough to get me through the long night pacing my floor

I want more than just the dream of you that takes over my brain

I need all of you, forever. I just can’t have you. Now who’s to blame.

Baby you should know

I’ll love you til we part

You’ve taken over my head

You’ve danced away with my heart

Yeah, my love burns slow

But I’ve fucked up and let it grow

Into something I don’t want to control

There’s one thing I want to know

How can someone be so beautiful

I can always feel your pull

And it will take its toll

My heart’s a half, not a whole

You will always be the best thing I can dream about

And you will always hold my heart, of that I have no doubt

One day you might decide to be with me as more than just a friend

Until then, I’ll do what I do best and wait til the end.



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