Someone ...♥


United States
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I wish I could find someone that loved me for me and not 'cause of my body.
Someone to take care of me through it all.
Someone to pick me up when I fall.
Someone who could get on my nerves and I still knew I was what they deserved.
I always sit and wonder why God puts someone in my life?
Someone that seems so ideal, who can help me learn how to feel.
But then I realize that I am all alone, no one to call; no one to pick up the phone.
I pray that one day someone comes into my life and shows me that everything is alright.
Someone who helps me understand and takes me by the hand.
Just one day I wish I'd find that someone to hold dear to my heart.
And I swear , not for one second , I will never let go ... we'll never be apart .


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