Someday I won't have to hurt.
And never have to worry about being burnt.

Someday I'll show her a love so many threw away.
And every night I pray for the day.

Someday I will be clenching her back and body and pulling it close to my own.
And no longer have to worry about being alone.

Someday, I will feel the texture of her lips meeting mine.
And I no longer have to lie to my friends and family telling them I'm fine.

Someday, I will look in to those eyes with nothing but the love I feel.
And I won't be given a raw deal.

Someday I will love with such symbiotic conduct for my wife.
And finally have found the love of my life.

But so far all I have to say.
My someday is very far away.

This poem is about: 
My family


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