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Poverty, hunger, corruption

Declining wages, mass production

Billionaires looking for more

While others, so poor

Struggle to put food on the table

The economy is securely unstable

Jails of criminals overflowing

Hatred and greed often showing

In what we say and how we act

Unfortunately it’s a fact

This is our world today

But it won’t always be this way

Someday people will realize

They are creating their own demise

The cure will have a change of heart

The selfish and their possessions will part

Someday people will see

How peaceful the world can be

When everyone takes a stand

To form a strong, everlasting band

Someday people will abide

To swallowing their foolish and selfish pride

And the human race can unite as one

I tell you, it can be done

Someday people will truly live

They will love, cherish, and give

All that is left for me to say

Is that I hope I’m still here



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