Some Awe, When Things Aren't Awesome

Thu, 07/09/2015 - 20:33 -- Kurel

"Children are a gift from God you hear?"

"Children are a blessing" they said.

97 was the year

Graduation was on the mind of all her peers,

I was born February 17th,

Did I forget to mention it's her senior year?

Every is awesome, but I'm going to tell you why it's NOT,

She graduated in May

she made it, she did it all alone.

I cooperated in the audience, but when we got home it was on.

  Some awed in my presence,

"She looks just like her father"

At a young I knew I didnt want that phrase to be my image.

Did everything I could,

to change,

to end it.

Five years old, Dad went to jail

and when he got out, man it was hell.

Mom was crying when he left

Never understood why,

You would think she would've saved the tears for that black eye.

  This is when my determination got harder.

My daddy use to tell me like "Father like Daughter".

Everything is awesome, but Im going to tell you why it's NOT

Sir, are you crazy?

I know I'm your baby,

But please believe you do not phase me.

Did you forget my moma raised me?

Everything is awesome, let me tell why IT IS

How my mother ended up raising an amazing kid,

took my mom's pain and used it as a boost,

those who doubt me cant wait to see my next move.

Everything is awesome, let me tell you why IT IS

 I am a memeber of the National Honors Society and Beta Club.

I am also a member of the President's Education Program and Governor's Honor Program.

I am an Ambassador for the National Honor Society for High School Scholars.

I am a part of the swim team, track and field, and softball.

I am on the Honor Roll.

My G.P.A is a 3.8.

I am in the Top Ten Percent of my Senior Class.

I'm 18 years old and work two jobs, 

and I graduated from the Benjamin Elijah Mays High School.

Everything is awesome, let me tell you why IT IS,

My dad didnt listen to my dreams as a kid.

So my future got made without him.

You decided to leave and not see what I did.

Everything is awesome, let me tell you why IT IS,

I am a future Valdosta State Blazer.

I am a future AirForce Neonatal Nurse.

Don't "awe" when things aren't awesome

Everything is awesome over here,

and you are why it is.

I may have your face but,

I was always my momma's kid!




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