The Solution to a Problem Spanning Generations

Two little girls at a garden party,

One in green and the other in blue,

Their mothers scoff at each other and the fathers criticize,

Chaos admist in this slice of prepubescent summer,

Blue spits on Green,

Anger ignites in Green's eyes,

Green knows better and walks away,

Blue follows, with nasty names behind her,

Green still plays ignorant and increases her pace,

Blue pushes Green,

Green spins and grabs onto Blue,

The two fall, and fall, and fall,

Smack, Splush, into the depths below,

The fight and fight with words and little fingers,

They submit to no victor but their own fatigue,

The realization comes that they are hungry and frightend,

Sleep becomes them in the darkness,

Green wakes to Blue's cries,

A long snake wraps itself around her leg,

Green fears the reptile's colors,

Blue begs,

Green crushes the snake with her dainty, muddy shoes,

Blue burns,

Green squeezes away the burn and finds the right herbs,

Blue is saved and yet is ungrateful,

Green tells Blue her fears,

Blue secretly too wants her mother,

Months pass as the two last on mushrooms and insects,

Most found by Green,

They finally start to open up,

Blue's parents are very strict,

Green's parents are very poor,

They wish to please their families,

They desperately need their families,

The next evening a grumble emerges,

Then a growl,

A massive monster of yellow eyes and fangs it is,

The two girls run,

Dry heaving faster and faster,

They find an opening, but our monster's coming quick,

Blue offers to help Green up,

Green refuses and pushes Blue up to safety,

The monster tackles her,

Blood on the precious green dress,

Blue tosses rocks,

The beast falls far down below,

You've saved me,

No, you saved me,

A true embrace overcomes them,

Those weeks made them different,

Our parents are wrong,

You're not what they said you were,

They two girls hold contrasting hadns together,

Walking into the unknown,

They are no longer afraid,

If they are together.

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Our world
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