Solitude in Myself and I

Thu, 03/17/2016 - 00:53 -- Edefrem

Come away with me to a far away land

where we'll stroll on the water and wade through the sand,

And together we'll rest in sweet company

yourself and I, I all alone since you're me,

A love letter to myself, to the me that you are

in isolation we'll sleep, in distance but not far,

Quite away from the world, with so much not to do 

so I'll lie there in loneliness, but not alone next to you, 

Together in solitude, where we'll cry and we'll grow

a private time from it all, a time that I need the most 

But in the end it's just me: one soul, two small hands

holding on to the me that you are and the you we hope I am.


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