Tue, 03/05/2019 - 22:07 -- lcathey

How far have we gone

When all is said and done

What, till now, have we achieved?

Have we even earned reprieve?

For there’s more around the corner

Keep going, that’s an order

There’s nothing left

I feel bereft

Yet still I must engage


Think back upon our lives

In all the broken times

Ever once were we proud?

Was it drowned out by the sound?

Of a world where we can’t be

Do you feel it, is it me

I carry on

The same sad song

Of disquiet, silent rage


Now looking far ahead

Don’t look too far, you’ll be dead

But in the meantime can you find?

Some sort of peaceful piece of mind?

Perhaps what I say is true

Even then, not me nor you

Can coexist

With what we wish

And all what we have estranged

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