What does it mean to stand tall, to obey, to follow in the line of power?

One head, two, three and four. That is all I see, another body to place on the chess board.

Drowning under the pressure. Is this really what you signed up for?

News caption- "Another solider dead today"- The flags half masked, the end.

What does it really mean to be a solider? Following orders? 

Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines. What is the real difference, pawns being played by the master hand. 

Sacrifice a pawn for a queen, the paws are on the frount line, there are many to come.

Wait. YOU are the pawn.

Poster boy, a clean cut solider, and a happy wife, older son and younger daugher- the caption reads "Thank you millitary for helping out my family. What can the millitary do for you?"

Sign you name away go through the line. Look at the poster and swear. This, is not the life you signed up for. 

Money, fame, wife, and a perfect life, is what I signed my life way for, only to end up in the ground, lower than the mud you crawl for.

Make it out alive? Come home to the one sweat girl of yours? Only to be a different person then going in. 

Look up at the poster and thank it for being the fith head in line.


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