What makes

Let's see...

How about the fighter in me

The once loser in me...

The emptiness and desperation I'd felt since eight shimmering within me

The winner in me...If you could say that

The once hungry child that was me... humbled me.

The fatherless daughter with the more than sufficient love of her proud single mother is me...

Love saved me.

Music and Art built me..

Saved me.

Lulled me to sleep when my mind buzzed with memories of unfinished bullies at school..

The hope that I try to feel

The faith that allows my sore mind, body and soul to heal...

I have been broken and re-made whole

Yes, body, spirit & soul.

Me. Solely me.

I am the awkward, quiet girl class

The normaly looked past...

It's fine.

I'm now happily me for the first time.

I'm me.


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